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8 Reasons Why We Are Harlot Are Going To Blow Your Mind In 2015

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 27 January 2015 at 12.59

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week or so, you'll know that Danny Worsnop is out of Asking Alexandria and now sailing at full-speed into the world of his '80s swag-rock lovechild We Are Harlot. Here at Rock Sound we're personally as hyped as we could possibly be, and with Danny telling us EVERYTHING in the latest mag, there's no reason why you shouldn't be too. If you need any more convincing, take a look at these eight reasons why we should all be riding the We Are Harlot train well into 2015.

1. This video. Good, sweet lord in heaven, this video.

'Dancing On Nails' is a certified rager, there's no denying that. And as you can see, it boasts a suitably bad-ass video to boot. More Danny shambling around gold microphones and materialising wall-strippers, please. 

2. Let's not forget this little beauty, either!

A squealy guitar solo, a couple of monstrous choruses and a good ol' fashioned riffy breakdown? Colour us ecstatic. If 'Denial' and 'Dancing On Nails' are anything to go by, their debut is going to be an absolute rager.

3. Danny talks a huge and hilarious game.

We all know that Mr Worsnop is no stranger to shameless self-promotion; he does what he likes, and he definitely likes what he does. But we weren't prepared for the barefaced cojones that he bought to his exclusive interview in RS196 where he claimed: "We're going to be the biggest rock 'n' roll band in the world! You'll understand when you hear the record. Even I can't believe how good the album is." If that isn't a reason to stay tuned, we don't know what is. 

4. Guitarist Jeff George shreds like nobody's business. 

With Danny getting all of the limelight here, it's easy to forget about the other dudes that make We Are Harlot possible. Danny himself has Jeff pegged as "one of the greatest guitarists of all time" and he definitely ain't wrong. Just watch this!


5. Danny is actually secretly a superhero. The Snopman is here.

Move over, Superman.

6. Because Danny's transitioned from cheeky Yorkshire lad to full-blown cowboy.

It would explain the hats and the boots, that's all we're saying. Too much 'Murica does things to a man. 

7. Because sexy.

We Are Harlot are all about the down and dirty. "The whole album is basically about sex!" Danny tells us in the magazine feature. And if you take a peek at the lyrics to their latest single, 'Dancing On Nails', he's not kidding.

"Infatuated with the way you move,
when all the lights go down,
The smell of sex is all it takes and you, 
you let the animal out.
There's no resisting all those things you do to me
That raw seduction only you can guarantee"

No subtlety there, eh?

8. It definitely looks like Danny is involved in something he really cares about now.

We all know that towards the end of his time with Asking Alexandria, Danny's heart wasn't fully into it. Now he looks completely natural in the We Are Harlot camp. When asked about the differences between the two, he told us: "'Harlot is just balls-to-the-wall sex and rock 'n' roll. Asking is the aggression, the anger, the violence - a different vibe. It's like comparing Aerosmith to Metallica." It looks like we could be seeing the best from Danny in the coming year.

So are you on board yet? Good, good. Make sure to pre-order We Are Harlot's self-titled debut album that's dropping this March through Roadrunner.

For more on We Are Harlot, you NEED to read our exclusive interview with Danny in the latest edition of Rock sound magazine. You can download it, order it straight to your door or grab it from all good UK stores today. Look! There he is on the cover!


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