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Why I Love letlive., by The Wonder Years’ Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 July 2013 at 13.58

The Wonder Years are currently ripping up Warped Tour US alongside our coverstars letlive., and Soupy reckons he's found a new favourite band in them!

"Watching letlive. play is like what it felt like to see American Nightmare in 2001 in a middle school cafeteria. Watching letlive. is what I feel like it should have been like to see Refused in 1999 had they been revered as they should have been. Watching letlive. reignites my love for playing. They put on literally the greatest live show I've seen and yes, I'm using literally the way that literally is literally meant to be used.

In Pomona, the band's hometown(ish) show, they were moved to the Warped Tour main stage. I've been playing that stage every day and can tell you that the gap between the stage and the crowd is nothing to take lightly and that's coming from a man who has jumped off of a lot of stages. We're talking about a good 8 feet. It took Jason about 45 seconds to say "fuck it," sprint across the stage, launch off the subs, over the heads of security guards and land in the crowd. The scary part is, that was only the beginning of a set that I want to describe as beautiful chaos but am afraid that sounds too much like it would be the name of a bad screamo band in 2002. You know what? Fuck it. It was beautiful chaos. It was. I'm sorry. They played incredibly while simultaneously destroying everything in their wake. Guitar cabs were tossed and broken. The wooden planks on the stage were torn up and thrown. Everyone left bloodied and smiling.

A lot of people throw around the word passion when describing bands. I think those people would have to rethink their personal definitions of the word after watching letlive. play. I'm not saying it's going to change your life. It might, but I don't want to make any promises. All I'm really saying is that they make me believe in punk rock again and for a 27-year-old who's spent the last four or five years straight on tour, that's a really special thing."

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