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Two Sides Of The Story, with Close Your Eyes

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 15 October 2013 at 17.28

The story of 'Line In The Sand' told by Close Your Eyes' members Sam Robinson and Brett Callaway.

Close Your Eyes make their triumphant return to the hardcore scene with this month with new members, new tour dates and a new album 'Line In The Sand', scheduled for release on October 28/ 29. Rock Sound asked guitarist Brett Callaway and new vocalist Sam Robinson about the album's creation, want both sides of the story? Read on...

Brett Callaway, guitarist and founding member

“I think if I had to provide a simile or metaphor for recording it would have to be a committee of five senior girls at High School who are choosing a theme and song for their prom. They are extremely passionate about it, they all think that their ideas are better than the rest and everything feels life or death important in the discussion. Honestly, that's pretty accurate.

You can be with the group of guys that are you closest friends with and at the flip of a switch be going for the throat, that's what making an album can do to you. We were mostly on the same page, but you always have some disagreements about how a certain part in a song should go. I think that is a good thing, if you never had any disagreements then the first idea would always make it into a song. That would be a catastrophe if you heard some of the first ideas we proposed for different parts of this album. You need your buddies there to tell you, in the harshest way possible, how lame your idea is!

There are always small changes but we are on the same page and we are looking at things with excitement, just jumping in head first."

Sam Robinson, new frontman

“For me, 'Line In The Sand' was a stressful process to say the least. Taking the place of a vocalist [Shane Raymond], being the new kid and writing music with people I didn't essentially know all contributed to this. I found myself walking that fine line between adapting to a new environment while keeping my identity and recording music that represents me. I think anyone who has ever joined an existing band to fill the shoes of a departed member (who isn’t dead) will relate to this feeling.

But let me remind everyone, it ain’t my first rodeo! I felt exactly the same nerves when I joined Blessed By A Broken Heart, though I think the transition this time was smoother because of my past experience in hardcore. It feels great to be back to my roots. 'Line In The Sand' has been one of the most rewarding musical experiences I’ve been a part of. Sounds mushy, but that’s the way it is. I guess seeing something come together after a bit of a battle really injects some character into the proceedings! Seeing that white board start to fill up with x’s in the last few days was the most satisfying feeling. I think all artists can relate to the feeling of ‘Oh, I’ll never finish this’ or ‘I’ll never get this the way I want it to look/sound’. I can safely say that we’ve made a record that we are proud to share with our fans.”

Pre-order your copy of Close Your Eyes' new album 'Line In The Sand' today at and go visit to see where the band are playing next.

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