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“This One Time, On Warped Tour…” by Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow & Fil Thorpe-Evans

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 August 2014 at 12.20

This summer, our boys in Neck Deep flew the UK flag at Warped Tour. Ben Barlow and Fil Thrope-Evans tell us their standout moments...

Ben Barlow: "My favourite moment of Warped Tour – well, there was quite a few moments – but discovering our love for Magic The Gathering and playing MTG with like, Yellowcard and Terror and shit. And just playing with all these bands I love and being like ‘cool, I’m nerding out with like my heroes. Cool."

Fil Thrope-Evans: "My favourite moment was when we played our set in Boston. Just because it was one of the biggest crowds we had for the whole tour, we had some friends there coming out for the day, Pat from Agitator was there, I had my lady down and it was just one of my favourite sets of the tour. And that was one of the best days for me. I loved it."

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