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The Soundwave Blog Competition Winner’s Blog!

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 28 February 2011 at 19.38

Rock Sound competition winner Scott Thompson drops us a line from Soundwave Brisbane. And yep, we know the title could do with more work.

For my Rock Sound blog I’ve decided to dedicate my tiny word count to the trip I took backstage at Soundwave Brisbane, getting a rare glimpse of the elusive artist area was by far the best experience of the day.

I headed backstage around 4:30pm and road crew, media personnel, artists and assorted staff were scuttling about in all directions. I didn’t really get any sordid tales but there were a heap of familiar faces mixed in with a few some strange ones too. Bob Irwin, father of the late Steve Irwin is apparently a huge Iron Maiden fan, which would explain why he was at Soundwave today!

I got taken to an empty cafeteria where they interview the bands. Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen from Queens of The Stone age were sitting at a table. On the inside I was losing my shit, but I kept it together. We shook hands before my media liaison and I escorted them back to the band area. Josh hears Slash covering Guns ‘n Roses as we walk past the stage and we get on the topic of Axl Rose’s downward spiral and his recent festival appearances. The stories he told me will most definitely remain offline!

I smiled awkwardly at Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden as we stood watching Slash from side of stage, very graciously he smiled back. He was well aware I knew who he was, but I chose not to harass him. Seemed fair! On the walk back to exit the backstage area, three random band members commented on the tee shirt I was wearing (The Bronx). The band members that commented on the shirt were in The Bronx. Cool. But also awkward.

Highlights of the day included Queens of The Stone Age, The Gaslight Anthem, Trash Talk, Primus, The Melvins and The Bronx. However, Iron Maiden and Fucked Up were the absolute must sees.

Iron Maiden sold on sheer extravagance alone, while Fucked Up were the embodiment of everything a punk band should be; sweaty, in your face (literally), unyielding, unpretentious and devoid of cliche. Frontman Damian Abraham only spent two minutes on the stage, the rest of the time he was crushing cans on his head, attaching plastic cups to his forehead, causing general anarchy and grabbing a dreadlocked fan and rubbing his face in his pelvis. Both these performances seemed a fitting close for a festival which has clearly become the premier rock event in Australia. Thanks Soundwave and thanks Rock Sound!

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