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Sonisphere Festival Memories, Fort Hope

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 April 2014 at 15.59

The last time Simon Rowlands and Jon Gaskin played Sonisphere they were in a different band. Read their recollections of the 2011 festival and get excited for the 2014 event coming this Summer!

Jon: "The last time we played Sonisphere it was 2011. It's hard to describe what it feels like to play a big stage at a festival, there's something completely out of the ordinary about it. I remember feeling so sick with anticipation as we warmed up, I couldn't sit still, it's always really hard to say how a festival crowd will react as there are always a lot of new people there to see you so it can make you really nervous.

Festivals are completely different to normal touring, they're hectic and just so much bigger than normal shows, it's definitely the highlight of every year as it's the biggest thing a band gets to do.

Simon wore a GoPro on his head last time we played which worked really well for about five seconds. As soon as the music kicked in he sprung into his typical acrobatics and the camera nearly broke his nose! It was a shame as we would've loved to have a visual memory of the show but it was probably best that he kept his nose instead.
Our set went down really well so we were completely stoked, it's such an honour to play but to have your set go well is a dream. Roll on this year!

Simon: "I have such fond memories of Sonisphere, the whole atmosphere surrounding the festival is electric, people from the far reaches are gathered there in their united love of music. Playing on a stage there is such an honour and having thousands of people watching you in that environment is unmatched by any other feeling ever! I will never forget the sound of a festival crowd as they applaud, it's like the roar of thunder.

I remember having to get onto the site from a nearby hotel and the only reliable way in was the shuttle bus, I was alone and went to get on the bus that took you to the artist area. There was a huge queue for the arena bus and no one but me on the other bus, I felt so bad for the bus driver having to drive all the way to the site with just me on the bus, especially since I wasn't in any state to be conversational that morning.

I loved DJing at Sonisphere, we were in the main arena on top of a huge tower pumping out song after song of nu-metal and classic rock and the crowd seemed to be loving it! You definitely get to see some interesting (and interpretative) dancing to tracks like that. I cannot wait to play Sonisphere 2014, bring it on!

Sonisphere Festival 2014 takes place at Knebworth Park from July 04-06, Fort Hope will be joining so many others for three days of incredible music (no GoPro's this time though). For tickets and more head to

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