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SO what EXACTLY Could You Win If You Enter The Rock Sound Readers’ Poll 2014?

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 November 2014 at 15.53

One person who votes in this year's Rock Sound Readers' Poll will win over £1,500-worth of shit-hot goodies. Here's a breakdown of the prizes...

1. This Jim Root Signature Orange Head And Cab (RRP £808)

A new year calls for new riffs. And this thing will make sure you're penning beatdowns in your bedroom until December 2015 at the earliest.
Visit Orange Amplification online

2. This FLY53 Winterton Parka (RRP £80)

Phwoar, bit nippy out, isn't it? Good thing we've got this FLY53 parka to give away so you can keep warm in the winter months, eh?
Visit FLY53 online

3. This Vinyl To MP3 Turntable (RRP £39.99)


Okay, don't be the guy/girl that takes it on a bus or whips it out in a Shoreditch cafe. But DO be the guy/girl that uses it to convert all those high-quality records you have to MP3 so you can take THEM on the bus.
Find this at Maplin

4. This pair of Vans Sk8-Hi MTE shoes (RRP £70)


It's not exactly kickflip season, but wear these babies in before the sun comes out again (around August, we guess) and they'll be nice and tender for you to get back on that board.
Visit Vans online

5. This Melting Rockstar desk thingy (RRP £7.55 - 8.94)


What on earth is this? Shape and mould your man into whatever you like, and let nature do the rest.
Find this online at Amazon

6. A load of Beard products from Percy Nobleman (RRP £10 - 19.99 each)


Is your face feeling a little dry under that neckbeard? Or is your boyfriend / brother / dad's face cutting up your chin when he gets close? Don't worry - Percy Nobleman will sort that right out.
Visit Percy Nobleman online

7. A £30 Voucer To Spend On Heavy Wax Vinyl

Heavy Wax do exactly what they say on the tin - they repress your favourite HEAVY records onto vinyl so you can hear them at their best. A £30 voucher is yours if you win the big haul!
Visit Heavy Wax online

8. This Hate No Hate Child Of Lucifer T-Shirt (RRP £16.66)


It's probably not the most Christmas-friendly item on the list, but it still looks bad ass.
Find Hate No Hate online

9. These Blue Foundation Jason Jesse Socks (RRP £12.99)


Why? Because Christmas and socks go hand-in-hand (or foot-in-foot, we guess)
Find these online at

10. This '47Brand Bobble Hat (RRP £24.99)

Because it's cold. And also because hats.
Visit 47Brand online

11. This One Love Apparel cap (RRP £20)




Because it won't be cold forever. And also because hats.
Visit One Love Apparel online

12. This Black Sails Clothing Mandela Wallet (RRP £20)

Sure, you might not have anything left to put in it once you've bought all your Christmas presents, but it's still a sweet-as-hell way of carrying around that cash you don't have.
Visit Black Sails Clothing online

13. These Light Up Drumsticks (RRP £19.99)

Whether you're an actual drummer or really good at air drumming (it's a real thing, honest), these light up drumsticks will make sure you can a) see what you're hitting with precision and b) show everyone else you're the real deal.
Find these online at Maplin

14. This Antique Scarab T-shirt (RRP £21.99)

Antique are one of our favourite lifestyle brands, and they always churn out the good stuff. Their latest line is influenced by Egyptian imagery and graphics, and this T-shirt will make you want the whole damn range
Visit Antique online

Want all of that? Then get voting in the Rock Sound Readers Poll 2014 at

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