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Ryan Key’s #frozentundratour2013 Blog, Part One!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 February 2013 at 14.28

The Yellowcard frontman blogs Europe for Rock Sound, check out his first entry!

Tonight we are playing a sold out show in Cologne, Germany. The concept that we can accomplish something like that still blows my mind on a regular basis. To be so many miles from where we started out and still be playing to rooms full of people is amazing.


But that's not where Entry #1 starts. Let us go back a couple of weeks towards the beginning of the #frozentundratour2013. We were making our way across Canada, co-headlining the first leg of the trip with our filthy friends in All Time Low. Braving -40 Celsius temperatures and some horrible sickness that tore the bus apart causing one cancelled show and dragging morale to the ground, somehow we made it to the last North American show in Seattle.

Feeling healthy for the most part and ready to head to Belarus for our first time, we began the travel experience. Here I have to speak on behalf of my touring brothers. I fly a separate airline most of the time because I'm a real nerd about my Delta SkyMiles account. So I left a day early to visit my fiancé in southern Russia before the Belarus show. The rest of the guys went to the airport the morning of Jan 29th expecting Seattle to DC to Frankfurt to Minsk, Belarus. Somewhere over Illinois the pilot decided to emergency land the plane in Chicago for reasons unknown. A couple hours in O'Hare and the guys caught a flight to DC where they were stuck overnight for 18 hours. Finally catching a flight through Vienna, Austria then connecting to Minsk. It took 51 hours total and the dudes pretty much walked on stage from the airport. Were it not for the RIPPING crowd that night in Minsk, we would have been off to a bad start.


Unfortunately there were still a few obstacles to get through that we didn't see coming. A mix up with customs causing all of the guys on the 51 hour flight to have to drive 13 hours from Minsk to Kiev (there was an incident where their van was hit by a drunk driver which didn't speed things up). I had a full blown sickness relapse and a sinus infection that just put me down for the count. I did the best I could in Moscow and the crowd kept me in it for sure. They were absolutely amazing. But I have to give a lot of love to our fans in St Petersburg, Russia. I was so done by that show that we either needed to cancel or play the whole show instrumentally. We didn't want to cancel so we went with the latter. The fans were singing so loud. We are so grateful for the support we got that night.


We then headed to Istanbul, Turkey for the first time ever. Such an amazing city, I was told. At that point I was so sick I only left the hotel for the shows, of which we played two. The fans were awesome and very understanding. And the rest of the guys went and saw so much amazing history around the city. I hope we can go back when I am healthy.


Since then we've been on our way back to happy. Feeling so much better, the shows in Sweden, Denmark, and last night in Hamburg, Germany have been awesome. I think the band is almost back to full strength. We are really looking forward to the rest of the trip, touring with The Blackout (UK), Like Torches (Sweden), and Set it Off (Florida, USA). Everyone is making new friends, which is one of the coolest parts of touring. I think the fans are really enjoying the whole show. Plus touring overseas and seeing the world is one of the things I am most thankful for in life. So I can't even put into words how good it is to be healthy again.


So here's hoping for a healthy, flight delay, flat tire (that happened on the way to the airport in Kiev, Ukraine and we almost missed our flight to Moscow), drunk driver free finish to the #frozentundratour2013.


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