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Nine Inch Nails Free DVD

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 11 January 2010 at 15.25

Nine Inch Nails fans have been busy, very busy, making a whole DVD busy!

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Yves Lagrou does as he got in touch to talk about, the free Nine Inch Nails DVD project. Read his version of the story below:

I'm writing you because I think I stumbled on something that hasn't really happened before: a new NIN Live DVD made by fans around the world that is now available for free.

When the band was at the end of the Lights In The Sky Tour (2008), they weren't able to release a concert movie themselves. Plans were getting James Cameron's team involved to make a 3D thing from this spectacular tour. When it looked like there would be NO release of this exceptional show at all, the HD footage that was filmed (3 fulls shows) was leaked on the net by the band and made available for free (on Christmas day 2008) for the fans to do whatever they want with it.

A year later (Christmas day 2009), a network group of fans around the world finished their DVD/Blu-Ray film from the footage and it looks awesome. It's available as free download.

The finished result is supported by NIN themselves, and there's a report on the band's home page. Or as Trent Reznor put it on Twitter: "nine inch nails fans kick ass. blown away." The thing got rolling and currently fans across the world are planning free screenings of this release, with screenings aleady confirmed in the US, Belgium, and more being added as we speak.

I think this might be a first: official pro-footage completely edited, finished, produced by the fans without interference of band and record company and supported by the band!

Get more information at:

Watch a clip from the DVD below...

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