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Men Of Venn Part 4: Why Moose Blood Matter

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 July 2014 at 12.39

Gallows / Venn Records man Stu Gili-Ross talks about his love for Moose Blood, why he picked them up for a single release on the label, and why they're now moving on to even bigger things...

So far you've heard about why we started Venn Records and how we came to release the first Marmozets seven-inch, so I guess we'll pick things up from there.

Moose Blood are one of those bands that just write really fucking good songs. You know that guy you know who says he doesn't like Moose Blood? Yeah, well me neither, because he doesn't exist.

On the way to rehearsals when Gallows were writing 'Orchestra Of Wolves', Lags and I were just as likely to be found blasting Rites Of Spring, Mineral or Christie Front Drive as we would Drive like Jehu or Hot Snakes on the drive from Watford to Slough.

As soon as we heard the 'Moving Home' EP by Moose Blood, we wanted to support them in anyway we could as it reminded us of those early Dischord and Deep Elm Records bands. They pour so much heartfelt emotion into every song, they leave you feeling like you've watched a powerful film for the first time, like American Beauty or High Fidelity. Its rare for music alone to move me in that kind of way.

Sure, they sing a lot about girls, skateboarding, books and coffee, but to them and to many of us like them, that's relevant to our lives. Far more so than songs about being "stabbed in the back" or "the scene".

In true Venn Alumni fashion, the next thing to happen to Moose Blood after their brief and sordid affair with us was to sign a multi-record deal with a bigger, far cooler label (the awesome No Sleep Records) and go to California to record what is CATEGORICALLY the best british emo rock record ever made. And I don't make that statement lightly either. You'll hear lots about it in the coming months, I assure you.

I really like having that Moose Blood release on the Venn discography as for me it really does show that as a label we will put out any style of music as long as we can connect with it and get something out of it and appreciate it for the art that it is.

By the time you read this you will probably have heard some new stuff from their forthcoming album and you will know we aren't just saying it. Moose Blood rules.

Moose Blood's album 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time' is out October 07 through No Sleep

The Venn Records-released double A-side Moose Blood vinyl single 'Boston//Orlando' is long sold out, but you can download it digitally from iTunes.

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