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Chris Motionless On Slipknot: “They Became A Huge Influence On Motionless In White”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 November 2014 at 13.57

The Motionless In White frontman tells us about his first exposure to Slipknot, and how they went from being a band he just didn't get, to one of his biggest influences.

“The first time that I ever heard and saw Slipknot, I was not a fan. I was raised on the idea of this traditional five-piece band, that’s just what my dad and my uncle (who were my sources of musical discovery) instilled in me. When I saw this band that had two members that seemingly just fought each other on stage and didn’t do anything musically I was like ‘this is wrong!’”

"I don’t understand why I had that mentality other than I was just bred to believe in this five-piece band. It didn’t take long though. I don’t really know what changed, but I soon realised how amazing what they do is: it’s scary, it’s aggressive and I guess I was hooked. I like it when you come from not liking a band, to having them win you over. It just proves they’re a great band that can do that to somebody who didn’t want to like them.

"I think your opinion changing shows a progression of your interests and your maturity. People change over time, and it’s a cool thing to observe about yourself. Slipknot were a band I wasn’t really into, then they became one of my favourite bands and a huge influence on Motionless In White. It’s really cool to have that."

Slipknot are on the cover of the new issue of Rock Sound, which is available now. You can download it, order a copy anywhere in the world, or pick it up from UK stores today!

Motionless In White are on tour in Europe now, alongside Lacuna Coil. We caught the band's London show and you can view a whole gallery from the evening by clicking on the pic below.

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