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AFI Tour Blog: Australia

AFI 26 February 2010 at 15.54

AFI guitarist Jade Puget blogs as the band heads round the world on tour!

Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of God.

I need affirmations to get me through this apocalyptic climate change I've just experienced. From the dead of winter Japan to humid, sweltering dead of summer Australia in nine hours.

Your skin is sticky, your hair melts and founders, unexpected torrential downpours come out of clear skies like the first season of Lost.

We started in Brisbane. The streets have a carnival-like feel, crowded and kinetic. It's strange, people in the more cosmopolitan southern cities refer to the residents of Brisbane as "bogans", basically their version of a redneck, but I'm not getting that vibe at all.

Apparently this city is the hotbed of the surf culture, and it looks it. It's also considered the Las Vegas of Australia, referred to as both "Brizzy" and "Brizz-Vegas", whereas Sydney is the Los Angeles and Melbourne the San Francisco of Australia. Davey was hoping they meant Brizz-vegan, but those hopes were quickly dashed by the preponderance of Hungry Jack restaurants, which is the Aussie version of Burger King, complete with the same colors and logo of BK.

Going outside is like swimming in an unpleasantly warm pond and the sun feels like it's hovering about a mile above the earth. I think I'm going to have to climb the highest mountain and punch the face of God from my air-conditioned hotel room.



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