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Fashionably Great: This New Line Of Deftones Merch Is Pure Class

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 October 2014 at 13.30

We like Deftones. You like Deftones. Deftones have a new merch line, and it's cool as fuck. Behold! Our favourite items after the jump...

Right, first up, click play on this. Because every bit of light reading needs a soundtrack. 

So here's the story: Deftones have long been one of Team RS' favourite bands, and they've always had the merch to match their class of their alternative metal. Last week they dropped a whole new range, and we think it's work shouting about. 

First up, there's this Black Troopers Tee ($30). Check that red tab on each of the tops. A sign of the band's attention to detail, we reckon!

Next, there's this owl-emblazoned 'Diamond Eyes' Tank ($40). It's brilliant, because owls are great, vests are great, and owls on vests are just too great to even comprehend right now.

This Old English Hoody ($60) could come in useful over the winter. Chilly neck? The 'Tones have thought of EVERYTHING!

And for the true Deftones fan, what better way is there to show your love than wearing the release date of every Deftones album ever across your heart / chest? Answer: there isn't one!

Finally, our favourite piece from the range is this slick 'White Pony' button-up shirt (£60). Got a party / wedding / job interview / fancy night out coming up? Deftones have you covered. No wasting an entire Saturday in Debenhams for you!  

If you like what you see here, head over to the band's merch store for more classy-as-fuck items.

What band merch have you been wearing recently? Seen something that's worth shouting about? Tell us, and it might make it into a future Fashionably Great feature! Don't forget, we dedicate two pages of merch, stuff and gear in every issue of Rock Sound Magazine. Download the latest issue NOW to see what else we've been sporting around RS Towers this month.


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