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23 Things We’d Like To See At Reading And Leeds 2013

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 21 August 2013 at 15.01

Reading and Leeds Festival starts in less than 48 hours, here's a list of what we're hoping for this weekend.

1. New Found Glory Stage Gurns

Does anyone in the business do it better?

2. Your Face Watching Lonely The Brave

It's hard to explain this band until you've witnessed it live, then you just know. Please go and see them.

3. Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil Dressed As A Human Battenberg

Remember 2010? It was a good year for cake impersonating.

4. We Are The In Crowd Smashing This

Is 'Attention' our favourite WATIC song? It's possible, we already love it that much.

5. Gnarwolves

Can't get enough of this lot.

6. Tim Hillier-Brook (ex-Architects) Drawing A Decent Crowd For His New Band

It's definitely not metal, but it's entirely good stuff, if you want to hear more.

7. Oli Sykes Doing This


8. Gallows Recreating This Moment

Circle pit in the tent? No, no. Circle pit AROUND the tent.

9. A Press Tent Full Of This

Yeah that's bacon and yeah, we have no idea whether this is a real picture or not either.

10. Dot Cotton Guest MC'ing On The Shikari Sound System

A possibility, see 1:41 for proof...kinda.

11. Bury Tomorrow Eating Brainzzz Onstage

There is precedent for this, the lads make great zombies.

12. New Twin Atlantic Songs On The Main Stage

Can we just have a new album right now?

13. Barry From Twin Doing This Again

Eat a guitar once, you get lucky. Eat a guitar twice, you become a legend.

14. Deftones Giving Us A Lift On Their Golf Cart

It happened in 2011, why not 2013? Not sure we want to get shot with a banana again though, sorry Abe.

15. Sean Smith Covering Himself With Mud

At least we thought it was mud. It was right Sean?

16. Serj Tankian Looking Surprised

He does that a lot. No System Of A Down performance would be complete without it.

17. The Wardrobe Decisions Of Benji Webbe

The Skindred frontman dresses to get noticed, we respect that.

18. Chuck Ragan Without A Beard

AS IF THAT'S EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. There is no razor blade capable of shaving Chuck Ragan’s beard. He has to use a meat clever. True fact.

19. Modestep Joining Biffy Clyro Onstage To Perform This

We know, long shot, but just imagine it.

20. Mallory Knox Joining Green Day Onstage To Perform This


21. Quicksand Being Quicksand

22. An Infinite Loop Of This

23. Green Day Blowing Things Up

What's a festival without fireworks these days? Exactly.

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