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2013 Will Belong To…Breakdown Of Sanity

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 16 January 2013 at 12.44

Euromosh is coming to get you this year, Impericon UK mainman Paul Towers explains why...


When you think of European metal Switzerland probably isn’t the first country that springs to mind. In fact the first time I saw Breakdown of Sanity at last years Impericon Festival in Germany, I wrongly pre-judged them as just another euro mosh band eager to fit in with the current trends. I couldn’t have been more wrong! This band is the real deal, with riffs and leads that are akin to the likes of Unearth coupled with hefty (but not overused) breakdowns, the band have managed to mould together the elements of old school and modern metal into a cacophony of melody and aggression.

A few weeks after seeing them I picked up their most recent album ‘Mirrors’ and it’s not been out of my CD player since. The album was self produced with guitarist Oliver Stingel at the helm and he’s somehow managed to create the big studio sound that would usually cost thousands. This is a band keeping DIY alive; no management, no label and still booking their own shows.

With progress on a new album well underway (should see the light of day in 2013) and tours across Europe with August Burns Red and Architects in the coming months I guarantee it won’t be long before the UK are moshing themselves to death listening to this band.

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