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Man Overboard

Man Overboard - Wide Awake

Man Overboard - Wide Awake

A new video has emerged from the Man Overboard camp. 'Wide Awake' is taken from the band's latest album 'Heart Attack' which is out now via Rise Records.
Warning: Contains large quantities of feelings.

Videos 12 May 2014
Man Overboard - How To Hide Your Feelings

Man Overboard - How To Hide Your Feelings

New video from pop-punk defenders Man Overboard. 'How To Hide Your Feelings' is taken from the band's latest album 'Heart Attack' which is out now through Rise Records.

Videos 21 March 2014
Man Overboard Post New Song Online

Man Overboard Post New Song Online

Man Overboard have launched a new single, 'White Lies', taken from their forthcoming album, 'Heart Attack', out on May 27 via Rise Records. You can have a peak at the lyric video below, intertwining live and studio footage. Catch them at Slam Dunk and a couple of select shows with Transit.


22 - BOURNEMOUTH Sound Circus (w/ Transit)
23 - LIVERPOOL Shipping Forecast (w/ Transit)
24 - GLASGOW O2 ABC2 (Slam Dunk)
25 - LEEDS Uni (Slam Dunk)
26 - HATFIELD Uni (Slam Dunk)
27 - WOLVERHAMPTON Civic (Slam Dunk)
28 - CARDIFF Uni (Slam Dunk)

News 13 March 2013
Man Overboard Give Away Free Sampler

Man Overboard Give Away Free Sampler

Rock Sound Impericon Exposure Tour alumni and all-round good dudes Man Overboard are giving away a sweet little introduction to their band.

The band are offering up a free 15-track down for anyone who wants it over at With tracks spanning the band's career so far (soaking up highlights from 'Man Overboard', 'The Human Highlights Reel' , 'Real Talk and 'Before We Met', they're encouraging fans to download the sampler and share it around to whoever wants it. So go do that. Right now.

Man Overboard are back in the UK at the end of the year as part of the Road To Warped tour, alongside New Found Glory, Less Than Jake and The Story So Far. Dates as follows:


04 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City
05 - MANCHESTER Academy
06 - LEEDS Univeristy
07 - GLASGOW Barrowland
09 - CARDIFF University

News 29 May 2012
The Playlist: Justin Collier, Man Overboard

The Playlist: Justin Collier, Man Overboard

They’re out in Europe with the rest of the Rock Sound Exposure tour bands, and they’ll be hitting the UK on April 04 for the tour itself. Here’s what Man Overboard‘s Justin Collier is blasting on the vans in those long night drives…

Ceremony - Hysteria
This is the first song off of Ceremony’s new album. I was really anticipating this album and Hysteria was the first track they released. We got to play a few shows with Ceremony in Germany last summer when they had recently signed to Matador and got to talk about their recording plans and vision for their band. For me this song is Ceremony coming full circle and it couldn’t be more perfect. I feel their is this negative outlook on the future of rock music and to see a band from my generation come up playing hardcore shows to being in Rolling Stone and joining one of the most prestige independent record labels is something to admire and put faith in. If you haven’t picked up this album please do so.

Danzig - Left Hand Black
Personally my favorite Danzig song on the best Danzig record. The intro riff to this song never gets old to me. Sonically this one of my favorite albums ever. I used to take this cassette out of my brothers room when I was a little kid and I re visit this album at least once a week. Danzigs range in his voice on this song is relentless, like he did it all in one take. The musicianship is the definition of manly. I’m pretty sure this song could get somebody pregnant played at the right volume. How The Gods Kill is an album you put on for those over night drives. The songs are long and dynamic.

Dag Nasty - Circles
The ultimate east coast summer jam. Spring is here and Dag Nasty for me means sun shine and skateboarding. That lead line that runs through the chorus is genius. I’ve always been a sucker for the high lead and bass line underneath. The vocals patterns in this song are perfect. Each part of this song has its own emotion and the range in his voice totally does it justice. This song is hardcore punk 101 straight up.

Depeche Mode - Suffer Well
When it comes to British music obsessions Depeche Mode takes the cake on all fronts. “Suffer Well” is one of the most beautifully orchestrated electronic songs ever. The drums get the song going and then the bass line sets it off. No one element of the song is fighting each other its layered perfectly. Their is a true agony in the lyrics that carries the dynamics of the music. The sounds this band produced at the time are mind blowing. When current bands brag about how out of the way they go to try an create some sort of “classic” sounding album I just cant take it serious when bands such as Depeche Mode did it out of nature, not just trying to prove something. Such a revolutionary band with a shared vision that was accomplished and exceeded. Songs like “suffer well” transcend genres and generations. We have so much to learn from this band.

Desaparecidos - Manana
This song rips. Musically and lyrically Conor Oberst is a God to me. The intro to this song always gets my mood up, love hearing the static from the amps and the open count off into the music. The lead line with the layered octaves panning from side to side sucks you right in. I’m a big tone freak and the guitars and bass on this track are some of the most disgusting sounds I ever heard. Not to mention the drummer sounds like he is playing with hammers. Really grinds my gears when tacky rock bands get all this love when this band created one of the greatest albums of our generation. Like really, Coldplay is the best band since The Beatles? Turn the radio off!!

First Aid Kit - Hard Believer
First Aid kit are two Angels from Sweden who were sent by God to stop wars. Bailey and Warner from Balance And Composure showed me this album a little while back and it has stayed in constant rotation since. This was the first song they showed me and it couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. I got to see them play in Philly last fall to a small room and you could hear a pin drop. From what I understand they are super young and its refreshing and inspiring to hear such genuine music coming from other corners of the world. Great song and a great album.

Leeway - Who’s To Blame
Eddie Sutton is legend. Probably my favorite hardcore singer and I feel this track in particular is where I would make my argument. Also Leeway sonically set the bar high for hardcore. Their was a certain way albums were recorded back then and leeway desperate measures is the perfect model. Every part of this song is relentless to the fullest extent. They never let up and that’s what makes Leeway so hard. So much detail in this song, true musicians. The way they pick it up coming out of the halftime intro verse is so hype. You could play this song at a club and the place would be moving.

Belle & Sebastian - Dirty Dream Number Two
My favorite Belle & Sebastian song. This is the kind of the song where even if your some place you have never been you feel connected when this song is on. This song has always painted a picture for me with so many different emotions. The speaking part in the song always hits really hard. I don’t always relate this song to love. Any emotion I am feeling at the time happy or sad it helps me find my center. You could write a book on this band and how important they are to music. Like all of Belle & Sebastian songs their is a real innocence here, it just flows through you.

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface
I feel privileged and blessed to have been to corners of the Earth where punk rock is so new and fresh. Not only to play but to see it and realize the fight is long from being over. So many washed up kids, dudes, girls who say hardcore is dead, or its not the same blah blah blah. And yes that is true its not 1980, but if the kids coming up after Minor Threat would have given up I wouldn’t be writing this in 2012. As far as I’m concerned Hardcore and Punk Rock are more relevant now than ever before. The seed for change was planted long before punk rock ever graced the earth and we need to use it as a source of fire to keep its message steadfast. This is a song that will forever remind and put the organic aspect of hardcore in perspective for me. No matter where we are touring in the world, doing an interview, or at home this song is a reminder of what really got me where I am and keeps me grounded.

Sigur Ros - Glosoli
SIgur Ros gets more play on tour than any other band for me. This band just fascinates me, and the songs never get old. The ambiance keeps everything fresh, and almost makes it impossible to relate each song to one experience. I feel this band is a personal journey for each individual listener. No lyrics means you can relate whatever you want, no one is telling you how to feel and you don’t have to try and relate. If you dig this song check out their DVD “Heima”. You can pick it up on their website its a must have. I could try and explain but you just need to see it, and then this band makes even more sense. If I had to pick one album to bring on tour for the rest of my life it would be Takk, and Glosoli is the opening track that has started more drives than I can count across the world for me.

Catch Man Overboard on the Rock Sound Impericon Exposure tour this April, alongside Your Demise, Trapped Under Ice and Basement:


05 - PLYMOUTH White Rabbits
06 - CARDIFF Great Hall 2
07 - BIRMINGHAM O2 Academy 2
08 - LEEDS Cockpit
09 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy 2
10 - GLASGOW Cathouse
11 - MANCHESTER Club Academy
12 - SHEFFIELD Corporation
13 - NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms
14 - LONDON O2 Islington Academy

Features 28 March 2012

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