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Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue Acoustic

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 5 September at 16.42
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue Acoustic Cover

It's not reinventing the wheel, but it’s worth a spin or two for nostalgia's sake...

Yellowcard have been exercising their acoustic abilities since their 2011 comeback (‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’ got a full re-working like this last year), and while they’re very capable of playing in a stripped-down fashion, there’s very little on ‘Ocean Avenue Acoustic’ that really grabs you, even if you’re a hardened fan of the Jacksonville pop-punk veterans. As they did with the ‘When You’re Through Thinking…’ rework, they’ve basically turned the distortion down on their guitars and Ryan sings a bit softer, and there’s no re-arrangement or reinterpretation of the songs. Still, for an album that led the charge in early-’00s pop-punk, it’s worth a spin or two, if only for the memories it’ll bring back.

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