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Tubelord - Tezcatlipoca

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 22 August at 14.31
Tubelord - Tezcatlipoca Cover

The EP to 09's debut, sees Tubelord tackle prog-pop...

Tubelord’s new EP, the followup to 09’s debut ‘Our First American Friends’, sees the band expanding in both size and musical scope. The addition of two new members has pushed the (now) quartet musically beyond the spazzy but straight forward pop-punk of earlier work to a place where they’re confident enough to write mini prog-pop epics which, according to the accompanying press blurb, relate to the Aztecs and theories of time and space. Pretty brave, eh? Thing is, it’s not half as pretentious as it sounds. All three tracks are exploratory but refined, vast but grounded. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess.

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