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Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

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Rock Sound 15 April at 14.02
Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major Cover

Life’s more fun when it’s loud...

Touted as containing ‘some of the most intense music of Third Eye Blind’s career’, ‘Ursa Major’ uncomfortably straddles the fine line between ‘emotional and interesting’ and ‘girl with a guitar at a house party’. Although frontman Stephan Jenkins has spent the interim between albums admirably (charity work and so on), one can’t help wish for less social commentary, and more hands-in-the-air/ feet-in-the-moshpit bangers such as album opener ‘Can You Take Me?’ rather than the wet ‘n’ wimpy ‘Sharp Knife’. Leave your seriousface at the door Jenkins, life’s more fun when it’s loud.

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