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Stone Sour - House Of Gold & Bones Part 1

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 17 October at 15.51
Stone Sour - House Of Gold & Bones Part 1 Cover

Corey and Co are back with a blinder. Did you ever doubt it though?

Based on Corey Taylor’s fictional tale of a man faced with the choice of growing up or sheltering in the irresponsibility of youth, ‘House Of Gold & Bones Part 1’ finds Stone Sour thriving like never before. In embracing the narrative on this first instalment of a double concept album, they’ve created a gargantuan record that truly gives the sense that you’re joining them on a journey. Sure, that’s an incredibly cliché thing to say, but songs like roof-raising anthem ‘Absolute Zero’, the frenetic, thrashy ‘RU 486’ and acoustic lament ‘Taciturn’ deserve to be heard within the context of the entirety of this mightily ambitious, versatile record.

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