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Every Time I Die - ‘Low Teens’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 22 September at 15.26

Every Time I Die - ‘Low Teens’ Cover

Utter chaos.

Nobody does feral, filthy, whiplash-inducing hardcore ‘n’ roll better than Every Time I Die and, unsurprisingly, this eighth album is a fucking riot.

Whether it’s the sludgy, weather-beaten grooves of ‘Fear And Trembling’, pedal to the floor ragers like ‘1977’ or Keith Buckley’s many acerbic kiss-offs, everything that’s made them vital over the years is represented here.

Brendon Urie lends his pipes to the bluesy dirge of ‘It Remembers’, ‘Petal’ cuts close to the bone and ‘Map Change’ builds to a surprisingly mournful crescendo, but the anguished tone never jars.

As usual, chaos and consistency make for a winning combination. 

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