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Primitive Weapons - The Shadow Gallery

Alex Reeves
Alex Reeves 9 March at 18.18
Primitive Weapons - The Shadow Gallery Cover

Loud. Fast. Riffy. Primitive Weapons are a full-on assault.

When life gets bleak, you can either run from the world’s ills or face them head on. And for their debut full-length, this Brooklyn five-piece has chosen the latter strategy – from the war cries of ‘Quitters Anthem’ to the sludgy despair of ‘Black Funds’, ‘The Shadow Galley’ is a seriously gloomy record. But it’s no funeral dirge - it’s a full-on, dynamic assault. Fusing hardcore with metal and occasionally veering off on deranged, druggy tangents, this is an ambitious blend of sounds. While the world may seem dark, Primitive Weapons have a bright and promising future ahead of them.

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