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Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 20 March at 17.04
Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast Cover

The 'Waste return with album number five...

You need to wait 13 tracks before Municipal Waste give a truly different take on their overly repeated crossover blueprint on latest record ‘The Fatal Feast’. Bearing very little of the varying metal character of ‘09’s career-high ‘Massive Aggressive’ or singalong anthems on ‘07’s ‘The Art Of Partying’, Municipal Waste’s fifth album is largely uneventful and heavily cyclical until the punked-up 13th entry. Of course, even in loop their speeding riff attack itself is faultless, merely under-inspired in this instance. ‘The Fatal Feast’ might fall short of improvement, but for headbanging, whiplash-inducing chaos there are still few better than the ’Waste.

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