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Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved

Make Do And Mend
Make Do And Mend 1 June at 15.59
Make Do And Mend - Everything You Ever Loved Cover

RS Editor Ben P gives his thoughts on an album he just won't shut up about...

The goal of any band should be to write an album that makes the world feel that bit different when it stops playing. And considering the depth of the Connecticut heart-punkers’ second album – from the achingly tender ‘Desert Lily’, through the stomping ‘Lucky’ and on to the chiming ‘Disassemble’ and the charming ‘Royal’ – it’s clear that that’s what Make Do And Mend have tried to do. What elevates ‘Everything…’ above the pack, though, is its total lack of pretension: it’s a record that tells its own story, but its impact resonates far beyond.

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