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iwrestledabearonce - ‘It’s All Happening’

Ronnie Kerswell
Ronnie Kerswell 4 September at 15.00
iwrestledabearonce - ‘It’s All Happening’ Cover

When this Louisiana lot say ‘It’s All Happening’, they’re not wrong...

When this Louisiana lot say ‘It’s All Happening’, they’re not wrong – their Century Media debut sounds like everything has been thrown at the wall in a gust of electro, jazz, grind and whatever else comes their way. Yes, a lot of bands sound like this, have no spaces in their name and all use the same cover art, but tracks like ‘White Water In The Morning’ and ‘Black-Eyed Bush’, both a mix of Portishead-esque synths and hint-of-Björk vocals, lend a bit of diversity and make this bunch stand out. Just one thing: what the fuck is Ugly Betty doing on vocals?

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