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Hit The Lights - Invicta

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 23 January at 15.07
Hit The Lights - Invicta Cover

Back to their best? Not quite...

After the sample EP last month, ‘Invicta’ marks the return of one of the most understated but best-loved pop-punk behemoths of the last five years, although it sadly doesn’t quite deliver on its promise. In typical fist-in-the-air fashion, ‘Invincible’ starts things off ceremoniously, while ‘Gravity’ soon follows (which, to their credit is one of the catchiest songs they’ve ever written), but as ‘Invicta’ progresses, the quality dilutes and the latter tracks on offer here feel much like hastily-written afterthoughts. Still, there are enough early anthems included to warrant picking this up, if only as a gateway to their back catalogue.

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