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Heartsounds - Drifter

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 27 July at 13.17
Heartsounds - Drifter Cover

Heartsounds' second record is a brilliant effort and universally adored in the RS office...

Impressively, Heartsounds are two albums into their career, despite forming just over a year ago – and much like debut ‘Until We Surrender’, ‘Drifter’ is further demonstration of the band’s technical prowess. With vocalists / guitarists Ben Murray and Laura Nichol cutting their teeth in metallers Light This City, they’ve got the skill to layer classic 90s skate punk staples of duelled riffs and vocals, palm-muting and double-speed breakdowns into a thoroughly modern set of songs. Production-wise, the vocals could do with sounding more ‘live’ (they are note perfect) – but the musicianship present is enough to justify the polish.

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