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Harvey Milk - A Small Turn Of Human Kindness

Mike Kemp
Mike Kemp 23 May at 14.00
Harvey Milk - A Small Turn Of Human Kindness Cover

There’s nothing pleasant about this record...

There’s nothing pleasant about this record. Where previously Harvey Milk might liven up their grizzled sludge with some skewed ZZ Top worship, here they sound entirely drained and downtrodden, lacking the energy to move much beyond a plodding funeral dirge. “I’m just a broken man, look at my broken hands,” howls Creston Spiers on ‘I Know This Is No Place For You’, his words impacting like a sledgehammer to the stomach. With each song bleeding seamlessly into the next, there’s little relief from all the doom and gloom, but regardless, this remains another worthy addition to Harvey Milk’s awkward oeuvre.

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