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Flogging Molly - Speed Of Darkness

31 May at 09.00
Flogging Molly - Speed Of Darkness Cover

Gone are the rabble-rousing drunken lullabies of old...

The words ‘stable door‘, ‘horse‘ and ‘bolted‘ (not to mention serious feelings of trepidation) come to mind when contemplating the fact that Flogging Molly, those oh-so-reliable Guinness-guzzling, fun-loving Celtic punkers, have written an album of “modern American protest songs”. Lead single ‘Don’t Shut ‘Em Down’ is a middle-of-the-road pop song at best, a far cry from those rabble-rousing drunken lullabies of old. Frontman Dave King’s vocal approach now presents itself as one of jaded disinterest, the defiant cries replaced by a sense of wistful reminiscence. Grown up quicker than their audience or running out of ideas? You decide.

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