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Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs Evil

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 16 January at 09.00
Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs Evil Cover

A Deerhoof album that's just different enough, and just enough the same

If Major Gowen from Fawlty Towers had experienced Deerhoof, he would unquestionably describe them as “damned inscrutable fellows” and the BBC would have internal meetings about whether this was now too politically incorrect to broadcast. Their songs, while essentially playful and lovable – more so than ever on ‘Vs Evil’, the San Francisco band’s 10th album, which features near-lounge music moments – have a hard centre and are often tricky to parse, thanks in no small part to Satomi Matsuzaki’s lyrics. This, along with the gently jarring chord-tangles throughout these 12 songs, makes for a Deerhoof album that’s just different enough, and just enough the same.

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