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Darkest Hour - The Human Romance

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 6 March at 09.00
Darkest Hour - The Human Romance Cover

The best Darkest Hour have been since ‘Undoing Ruin’.

Seven albums in and Darkest Hour have produced a murderer’s row of modern-thrash anthems. Filled with triumphant riffs end to end, ‘The Human Romance’ sees the US five-piece finally achieve the balance between emotion, progression and aggression – the epic triumvirate of ‘Violent By Nature’, ‘Purgatory’ and ‘Severed Into Separates’ a fitting example. Far from a hindrance, ‘The Human Romance’’s lessened reliance upon the band’s notorious Entombed influence has meant the welcome employment of a broad rhythmic and tonal pallet. ‘The Human Romance’ is how metalcore should be: layered, dynamic, passionate. Easily the best Darkest Hour have been since ‘Undoing Ruin’.

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