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Built To Spill - There Is No Enemy

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 16 February at 14.00

Built To Spill - There Is No Enemy Cover

Here’s to the mid-career course correction...

After setting the bar high for self-reflection with three of the most influential albums of the ‘90s, Built to Spill buckled under the weight of expectations. On ‘Hindsight,’ Doug Martsch sounds like he’s ready to move on: “Hindsight has given me too many memories.” Even at its most meandering points (‘Nowhere Lullaby’), the tangents on ‘There Is No Enemy’ feel purposeful. Martsch’s lyrics remain wry and erudite, but he’s back to expressing himself in a more whimsical fashion and, more importantly, writing actual melodies (including ‘Life’s a Dream’, now the most heart-wrenching song in the band’s catalogue). Here’s to the mid-career course correction.

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