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Blood Red Shoes -

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 26 February at 14.00
Blood Red Shoes - Cover

Difficult second album our ass...

Difficult second album our ass, the follow-up to 08’s ‘Box Of Secrets’ is another grower. Starting off pleasant but eventually becoming a regular stereo occupier, the grungier second half of this release is the better half. ‘Heartsink’ is this album’s ‘You Bring Me Down’, while ‘Count Me In’ with its fuzzy bassline and duel boy / girl vocals is the album highlight. Seven-minute closer ‘Colours Fade’ soars along nicely with crescendos and layered segments but never actually feels as long as it is, and that’s the beauty of this Brighton-based two piece; their songs never become boring, always finishing before they begin to grate – that’s songwriting folks!

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