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August Burns Red - Leveler

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 23 June at 10.30
August Burns Red - Leveler Cover

Structured, paced and technically advanced, August Burns Red are still leagues above most of the genre...

Having been in the game for almost a decade, Pennsylvania quintet August Burns Red have always represented a fresher take on metalcore – mostly because they advance their sound with every release they do. There are clear links here with 09 album ‘Constellations’ (in part, because both are crushingly heavy), but when you place that record alongside lead tracks ‘Empire’, ‘Panagea’ and ‘Cutting The Ties’, you hear melodies coming through on the vocals and guitars that they haven’t matched before. And, as ever, their songs are structured, paced and technically advanced in a way that’s leagues above much of this genre.

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