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Alter Bridge - ‘AB III’

16 October at 14.00

Alter Bridge - ‘AB III’ Cover

Feeling the urge to rock out with your cock out?

Feeling the urge to rock out with your cock out, albeit in a safety-controlled, parentally approved environment? ‘AB III’ could be the just the album for you. Diligently ticking all the boxes you’d expect from the Floridian four-piece, the catchy hooks and the massive choruses of ‘Slip To The Void’ and ‘Make It Right’ are ostensibly the sound upon which America was built. And whilst it’s an established fact that Alter Bridge will never be as fun as AC/DC, as dangerous as GnR or, thankfully, as desperately dull as Nickelback, there’s certainly space in our rock-iverse for these guys.

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