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3OH!3 - Want

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 23 November at 16.52
3OH!3 - Want Cover

Emerging stars of the horrifically named crunk-pop genre...

If you’re yet to come across 3OH!3, they’re the emerging stars of the horrifically named crunk-pop genre and ‘Want’ is their second album proper. The Boulder, Colorado, two-piece make tunes that mix the best (and some of the worst) elements of hip-hop, pop and punk with surprisingly pleasing results. The summer anthem ‘Don’t Trust Me’ may be the strongest track here, but there’s a thumping energy in ‘Holler Til You Pass Out’ and ‘I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby’ that we cant deny. There’s a fair amount of filler on ‘Want’, but when 3OH!3 get it right, they’re a dance party in their own right.

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