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Yuck - Yuck

It’s a good name, Yuck, because it's disarming.

Posted Monday, 28 February 2011 in

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Yuck - Yuck

Rating: 8

It’s a good name, Yuck, because it’s disarming. Especially when three of their songs are called ‘Rubber’, ‘Suck’ and ‘Holing Out’. Snigger. Yet Yuck are no Gay For Johnny Depp: instead, they’re positively summery in sound, constructing a wall of fuzzy distortion and threading delicate, wistful melodies through it. It’s a bit like Dinosaur Jr and a bit like Teenage Fanclub, but there’s also some shoegaze fuzziness in the mix too. The tunes are ridiculously simple and catchy, giving you easy access to an album that you’ll warm to instantly and hear a hundred bands in. It’s a brilliant, timeless debut and a must-listen.

Mike Haydock

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