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Young Legionnaire - Crisis Works

This is what you get when you put together a member of YCNI:M and Bloc Party...

Posted Thursday, 12 May 2011 in

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Young Legionnaire

Young Legionnaire - Crisis Works

Rating: 9

When you stick members of two of the UK’s best and most progressive acts of recent times – Yourcodenameis:milo and Bloc Party – in a band it’s no surprise to hear the resulting record is a melting pot of compelling ideas executed with stunning precision. ‘Crisis Works’ is at base a heavy rock record, the likes of ‘Twin Victory’ an absolute whirlwind of crushing riffs. However, there are plenty of dynamics, tender moments and a definite through line of melody here too. The best example of this being ‘A Hole In The World’, a quite staggeringly beautiful track and contender for best song of the year.

Chris Hidden

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