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Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead

Move over Jon Bon and make way for Gus Jovi and his band. With massive choruses and catchy hooks in abundance, this lot are the next big thing...

Posted Monday, 12 July 2010 in

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Young Guns

Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead

Rating: 8

Having built up an impressive fanbase off the back of last year’s ‘Mirrors’ EP, Young Guns have done the believers justice with their debut full length. ‘Crystal Clear’ and ‘Weight Of The World’ are initial standouts, with stadium-sized choruses and angsty lyrics that were made to be shouted along to. The rest of the album follows suit, but to save you from becoming immune to its epicness, with every immediate anthem there’s a slow-burning guitar hook that emerges underneath. ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ fires on all cylinders, so prepare to be blown away.

Amy Bangs

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