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Wolves Like Us - Late Love

Wolves Like Us put five decades' worth of hardcore experience to good use...

Posted Wednesday, 22 June 2011 in

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Wolves Like Us

Wolves Like Us - Late Love

Rating: 7

These Norsemen have somewhere in the neighbourhood of five decades worth of experience playing in punk rock and hardcore bands. With that, you figure they should know what they’re doing by now and the former members of JR Ewing and Amulet certainly illustrate their capabilities. Tracks like ‘Deathless’ and ‘Gone To Dust’ streamline the sharp edges of 90s post-core heroes Planes Mistaken For Stars and Drive Like Jehu with a soothing melodic phrasing whereas ‘Burns Like A Paper Rose’ is more raucous, like that screamo house show you attended back in the mid-90s with the whole she-bang being warmly embraced by Lars Kristiansen’s powerful baritone vocals.

Kevin Stewart-Panko

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