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Wolf Parade - Expo 86

Three albums in and the Montreal indie rockers have found their sound, sort of...

Posted Wednesday, 21 July 2010 in

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Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade - Expo 86

Rating: 7

As expansive Montreal indie rockers go, Wolf Parade are very much in the shadow of their Arcade Fire chums, but still enjoy a respectable level of, well, respect that should be compounded by this tidy third album. Their sound, now more than ever, is a paradox: despite the Cure-ish grey waves of guitar and Spencer Krug’s morose vocal tics, Wolf Parade can’t conceal the fact that being in a band is clearly terrific fun for them. So songs, averaging about five minutes a pop, bound along with thick-as-Thin Lizzy hard rock guitars, and what initially seems stultifying and ‘musicianly’ ends up clawing you most agreeably.

Noel F Gardner

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