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Weezer - Hurley

It feels great to have Weezer back

Posted Tuesday, 14 September 2010 in

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Weezer - Hurley

Rating: 8

If Weezer were as good at making albums as they were at making album covers they’d be regular festival headliners by now. And while it speaks volumes that all the pre-release buzz around the band centred on their mooted plans to play music that is 16 years old, the fact remains that Weezer are overwhelmingly loved: for them to make an album even half as good as ‘The Green Album’ would be an open goal. It’s a pleasure to report, then, that ‘Hurley’ is a fine album – time will tell if it’s a great one – and the likes of ‘Ruling Me’ and ‘Trainwrecks’ are as good as anything they’ve done post-’Pinkerton’, with the former containing a chorus so joyous it could easily sit next to ‘Surf Wax America’ in Weezer’s canon of perfect pop. ‘Smart Girls’ is a slice of dumb fun, as is the bittersweet ‘Where’s My Sex?’, and while ‘Memories’ and ‘Brave New World’ are enjoyable if forgettable the pace is kept high enough throughout to ensure there aren’t any ‘Everybody Get Dangerous’-style missteps. The scratchy ‘Time Flies’ is an inauspicious closer but, with Rivers’ trademark howl, is charming enough to get the benefit of the doubt. So yeah. They did it. And it feels great to have Weezer back.

Ben Patashnik

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