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Torche - Songs For Singles

Torche aren’t exactly keen on playing by the rules

Posted Monday, 20 September 2010 in

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Torche - Songs For Singles

Rating: 7

For anyone familiar with the fiercely leftfield Hydra Head roster, it should come as no surprise that wily Floridians Torche aren’t exactly keen on playing by the rules. Case in point: choosing to follow 08’s monumental and much-lauded ‘Meanderthal’ with ‘Songs For Singles’, a brief, impetuous mini-album which brews up a veritable Creole gumbo of variations in focus, mood and feel over a mere eight tracks. That none of these tracks have actually been released as a single is neither here nor there, but the obtuse juxtaposition of mostly unrelated songs does make for a somewhat disconnected album, especially as the majority judder to a halt in an unexpectedly abrupt manner. Quality-wise, however, nothing here gets less than two thumbs up; from the full-tilt battery of ‘Cast Into Unknown’, to the hypnotically epic ‘Out Again’, the triumphantly anthemic ‘U.F.O’ or the woozy drawl of ‘Face The Wall’, most bands operating in the post-metal landscape would pawn their firstborn for a chance to produce anything this powerful and dripping in soul. Most importantly, ‘Songs For Singles’ is unmistakably a Torche record; primal, punishing, yet irresistibly sweet. It may make a mockery of the traditional album format, but then again, would you expect anything less?

Pete Withers

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