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Title Fight - Shed

The debut from RS-approved Title Fight is an endearingly messy affair (and it's a good thing)...

Posted Sunday, 1 May 2011 in

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Title Fight

Title Fight - Shed

Rating: 8

Produced by Walter Schreifels, Pennsylvania quartet Title Fight’s debut full-length is an endearingly messy affair in the Lifetime vein of pop-punk. Singer Jamie Rhoden’s drawled vocal style fronts a sound that for the most part, in the likes of ‘Flood Of ‘72’ and ‘You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You’, is as frenetic as it is catchy. But they’re not one trick ponies, with the closer ‘GMT’, ‘Crescent-Shaped Depression’ and ‘Safe In Your Skin’ less speedy in their delivery but equally intense and engaging. It’s taken Title Fight a good while to release a full album, but it’s been worth the wait.

Tim Newbound

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