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Thomas Giles - Pulse

Debut solo album from Between The Buried And Me frontman...

Posted Tuesday, 1 February 2011 in

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Thomas Giles

Thomas Giles - Pulse

Rating: 7

Given his day job fronting the wildly progressive metal outfit Between The Buried And Me, it’s no great surprise that Thomas Giles Rogers Jr (to give him his full title) has served up a similarly eclectic platter of delights for his debut solo full-length. At times, the audaciously talented multi-instrumentalist strays a little too close to his influences – most obviously Muse – but the hypnotic focal points are Tommy’s undeniably faultless vocals and the fully immersive, frequently otherworldly atmosphere pervading each and every song. In fact, with its consistently gorgeous delivery, ‘Pulse’ is actually most reminiscent of French electronica pioneers Air. Go figure.

Pete Withers

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