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The Thermals - Personal Life

Full length number five, is about relationships

Posted Friday, 5 November 2010 in

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The Thermals

The Thermals - Personal Life

Rating: 6

Portland-based indie loyalists The Thermals don’t sport their ideologies on their sleeves, exactly, but may have worn them as temporary tattoos in the past. ‘The Body, The Blood, The Machine’, their 06 album, sung of a semi imaginary America under the yoke of right-wing totalitarianism; ‘Personal Life’, The Thermals full length number five, is about relationships. This is telegraphed by song titles like ‘Only For You’, ‘Your Love Is So Strong’ and other X Factor winner-ready phrases; musically speaking, it’s business as usual, Hutch Harris’ appealing whine (trust us here) spurring on choppy, chunky melodies. Earworms are decidedly less abundant than normal, though, sad to say.

Noel F Gardner

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