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The Dangerous Summer - War Paint

The Dangerous Summer finish what they started on album number two...

Posted Wednesday, 9 November 2011 in

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The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer - War Paint

Rating: 8

While The Dangerous Summer’s ’09 debut ‘Reach For The Sun’ was a reasonably solid effort, it lacked any real bite to give the individual songs some staying power. ‘War Paint’ suffers no such issues. The Maryland rockers have stuffed every track here with instant hooks – ‘Work In Progress’ and ‘Everyone Left’ are particularly infectious specimens – and while there is an obvious lean towards mass appeal, they haven’t cheapened the genuine sense of emotion throughout. AJ Perdomo’s vocals embody confidence and vulnerability in the same breath and this time around, it feels like they’ve truly accomplished what they set out to do.

Andy Ritchie

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