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The Color Morale - Know Hope

An original take on the metalcore sound, we reckon.

Posted Friday, 29 March 2013 in

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The Color Morale

The Color Morale - Know Hope

Rating: 7

The challenge for bands making a style of music that’s characterised by definitive things – breakdowns, riffs and screams being a few of them – is legitimately sounding original. Fortunately, this Illinois metalcore five-piece sound more like they’ve created their own sound about halfway through their third record – whether it’s thrashier influences on ‘Silver Linings’ or lyrics that casually rip the piss out of their genre in ‘In Light Of Me’, it’s a refreshing listen. The latter song also marks their knack for a fluid, start-to-finish song, which sets them apart from your typical breakdown / melodic chorus / breakdown metalcore band. Good job.

Amy Bangs

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