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The Boxer Rebellion - The Cold Still

A superb slice of miserablism

Posted Tuesday, 8 February 2011 in

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The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion - The Cold Still

Rating: 7

The Boxer Rebellion faithfully improve on their original methods with changes of tone, rhythm and instrumentation third time round. As pianos sink in and out of the 10 tracks, vocalist Nathan Nicholson offers a superb slice of miserablism while maintaining interest throughout the subtle shadings of grey on the album. ‘Cause For Alarm’ echoes Elbow, while ‘Doubt’ borders on ‘OK Computer’-era Radiohead. While certainly an accomplished progression from 09’s ‘Union’ in terms of tempo, it’s still a bit too midlevel and the band might stand out from their contemporaries if they were a bit more rough around the edges.

Faye Lewis

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