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Soulfly - Omen

Bloody great!

Posted Thursday, 27 May 2010 in

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Soulfly - Omen

Rating: 8

It’s a case of all guts and all gory as Max Cavalera’s Soulfly make a claret-drenched entry with album number seven. And from the off, it’s clear that this is one brutal mother fucker, from visceral and gristly opener ‘Bloodbath & Beyond’ which recalls legendary UK crust-mongers Extreme Noise Terror in the blast-beat crust-punk execution, all the way through to ‘Counter Sabotage’, a right flesh-ripper loaded with pummelling drums that’ll literally beat the living crap outta your ear drums. Prong mainman Tommy Victor makes an appearance on the Prong-alike ‘Lethal Injection’ while closer ‘Soulfly VII’ provides a pensive come-down from the driller-killer action. Bloody great!

Ronnie Kerswell

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